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Insurance Claims

All Roofers are not alike. This wrong assumption can cost you big money

There are a myriad of ways a roof can go bad.

If your roof is leaking; call us, and we will perform emergency repairs to get you dry and keep you dry until permanent repairs can be completed.

Otherwise, you don't have to hurry through the repair process.

Most homeowner's policy allow you  $500-$1000 for emergency work. You can rest assured that you can solve your immediate problem without being pushed into a re-roofing decision by a professional storm chaser who might be better at talking you into a bad buying decision that solving your roofing problems in a permanent and reliable fashion.

You, the homeowner, have a 2-year Texas Department of Insurance statute of limitations to address the claimed value for storm damage. So there is really no pressing reasons that require you to make a hasty decision. Take your time and understand what you are getting into before proceeding.

Patience is a virtue

We want you to be patient although that is not what you want to hear. Let us try to explain why we want you to be patient.

Quality Roofing companies like C.C. Roofing and Construction Company have a system for creating quality roofing. We are a very busy roofing company. We have a lot of customers. When hails strikes, the demand for roofing repairs jumps way up. We begin to concentrate immediately on getting clients and customers the emergency repairs that they need. Your request for roofing repairs enters our automated tracking system as soon as you call in. Your job will be slated for inspection. As quickly as possible, a sales person will inspect your roof and prepare an estimate and deliver it by the means you requested- in person, by email, or fax or postal service. You will find the C.C. Roofing and Construction Door Hanger with information filled out letting you know that we have been to your home. If you have not seen this door hanger when you expected it, please call us back. Someone might have taken it off of your door. We have a system of procedures to insure that all work we do meets our very high quality standards. We cannot rush roofing work, we cannot rush the process because quality will suffer.

In fact, you should be real careful with companies that are all ready to go to work on your home. Why aren't they busy? Did they just get into the roofing business because they saw an opportunity to make some money. Are they professional storm chasers who have just arrived in town to take advantage of the business opportunity? Where is their backlog of previously satisfied customers?

You need to ask yourself

Why do they have so much free time. Why are they able to get started tomorrow? Why aren't they busy? Are they watching out for their own interests. You don't want to deal with someone calling himself or herself a roofer with whom quality is an after thought after getting your business, and after getting your check and after getting on down the road.

1. Some very good reasons to wait for C.C. Roofing and Construction.

We have over 27 years experience in the Tom Green County roofing industry. We have been a good community neighbor for working and building the future of West Texas. We have dealt with storm damage many times. We understand the process and we understand how to take care of our customers.

We have a big footprint in West Texas on a 1 acre lot at 1144 Glenna in San Angelo. We are highly visible and easily found by all our customers. No chance for fly-by-night here. In fact we are getting ready to invest in new buildings which will be the groundwork for success in the next 25 years.

We have experienced crews who have been with us for many years. They have seen every type of problem and situation on a roof and can handle it in stride. They take pride in every roof they complete. We are proud of our award winning crews. We will not be hiring temporary labor and giving them on-the-job training on your roof.

Our sales people are dedicated to delivering value to our customers. Our sales people are not paid on a commission basis. They do prosper from profit sharing and profits come from being successful and building long-term relationships. Our sales people will not be rushing you to bad decisions before you have all the facts. Instead, our sales people lay out your options- giving you the pros and cons of any option and not just the positives. We make sure you get a roof that will perform well or we will not put it on. We will not sell you what you want if it does not meet your needs. This one sale is less important than the long-term relationship. We feel a fully informed buyer will choose C.C. Roofing and Construction because we represent the best combination of service and commitment and price in the marketplace.

We are very knowledgeable about roofing. In fact we have a training facility for continuing education classes for builders, and architects and home inspectors when they want to be more knowledgeable about roofing. We are teachers at the local and at the state level. To put it simply, we know what we are doing on your roof.

We are active professionals in several Industry associations dedicated to improving the quality of roofing services in every respect. We are active members in the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association and the Roofing Contractors of Texas. We belong because we know it helps our industry provide better service to customers as a whole and helps maintain our own focus on what is critical to success in the marketplace.

We are also very active participants in bolstering the livability and strengthening the fiber of our local community. We are active in several foundations and organizations whose mission it is to meet special needs in our community, in our state and in the world at large. 

We know we will not be able to serve everyone, but everyone at C.C. Roofing and Construction believes that we are worth the wait. We are dedicated to our customers having a very satisfactory experience with C.C. Roofing and Construction. It shows we have thousands of happy customers who don't call anyone else.

2. Watch out for sales people pushing you for a quick decision

There will be roofers at your door ready to help immediately. They will be pushing you to make decisions, telling you that they will have to move on to the next project unless you say yes right now.

You certainly do not want to sign a contract that is an "assignment of benefits" to your roofing contractor.

Our advice is to just say "No Thanks"

We suggest you just say "No thanks, I don't have to be in a hurry. I want someone who is ready to help me get a sound and reliable roof and not someone trying to push me to an immediate decision." Or say "I will talk to you next year," and watch their reaction.

Listen to what they are saying to you and ask the question.

Are they watching out for my interests or are they pressuring me to make a quick decision to make a sale? We hope you are really comfortable saying NO. You don't have to make a rash decision and you do need all the information available to make a right decision. You can always call C.C. Roofing and Construction to understand what your best options are for your unique situation.

Are they paying people to put up signs in the yards of your neighbors? Are they knocking on your door offering services the morning after a storm? Are they puffing up how big a claim they can get you from your insurance company?

The roofing industry is full of fast talkers and smooth operators who can "negotiate" an insurance claim. This does not mean they can complete a quality roof. Matter of fact, most roofing companies have claimed to be local but they only last a year or so until they move on to the next big storm in another part of the country, leaving their customer without reliable warranties.



3. Beware of insurance work hustlers

While wearing the disguise of watching out for homeowner's interests, insurance work "roofers" have been pulling the wool over customer's eyes by performing what is known as assignment of benefit work.

The offer usually comes to you as a knock on the door. Rarely, will you be subjected to this sales device if you have actually called for an estimate.

The scenario starts as a knock on the door accompanied by a well spoken and compelling offer to get you a new roof fully paid for by your homeowners insurance company. After a discussion about the roof, the "solicitor asks the owner to sign a simple looking document. The "solicitor" states "this is not a contract" and that is technically correct, but it is for all practical purposes, a power of attorney for your roof. This process is known as "assignment of benefit". This allows the professional "solicitor" the ability to make all decisions and receive all proceeds in relation to your property insurance claim!

The good news is that the Public Insurance Adjuster Law (SB127) of 2003 outlawed this practice.  Click here to read the exact statute. 

The bad news is that storms bring out the best and the worst in people. Crafty people watching out for their own interests will always gather after a storm and be ready to take advantage of owners who are anxious or frustrated about getting storm damage repaired. Please be aware of any solicitation at your door and evaluate it by how you feel that party is watching out for your interests. Check out our list of suggested ways to pick out a contractor. Storm damage can be traumatic but being beat up by insurance work hustlers hurts even worse. Take your time to make decisions. Verify who will be working on your roof. Make sure they have a history in your community for putting on reliable roofing not just being really nice and friendly. Always remember, C.C. Roofing and Construction is here to help you understand the facts and help you cut through the confusion. Feel free to call us any time you have a question.

What should you look for in a contract?

Read your contract over very carefully and make sure you get a clear understanding of every part of the contract before you sign. You don't have to be in a hurry, and don't let anyone push you into a precipitous decision. The more detail the better- sizes, quantities, test standards, detail work specifications- all are an important indicator of intentions. Only sign a contract if it has a specific price written.



4. Make sure you evaluate "impact resistant roofing".

Impact resistant roofing greatly reduces your vulnerability to damaging hail. You can virtually stop the hail damage cycle with impact resistant roofing.

This can vary from 1 to 2 percent of the value of the coverage. Some homeowners have a $1000 deductible, some have less.


5.How old is your existing roofing and how does your homeowners handle depreciation of your roofing materials?

This can be critical to the adjustment you receive when you need a new roof. Make sure there are no such surprises in your homeowners coverage.

Typically "depreciation" is a recoverable expenditure, if you spend all of the allocated funds. If you do not do the level of work specified by the insurance company, the amount of depreciation will remain with the insurance company.

Just remember, roofers are not all the same. Many will sell you a solution that is good for them and not good for you. There are myriad ways to create future roofing problems. You don't want this experience. Pick out a quality contractor and eliminate roofing stress from your future. 

We are always ready to help with questions.

Look around our site, we have gathered lots of resources intended to make our community smarter shoppers for roofing work. If you ever have questions, feel free to contact us by email, by phone, to get answers. We might not get to work for you, but we still don't want you doing something that is not good for you.

Many times the insurance company will recommend that you get three bids and take the lowest one. We ask that you reconsider this and remember that the cheapest anything is not necessarily better! You could really jeopardize the quality of your workmanship if you go with the lowest bidder. Be very careful and be sure to go with the right roofing company instead of the one with the lowest new roof pricing. You pay for what you get